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Echoes of Kapoho: A Memoir

In this powerful memoir, a Big Island woman whose village was buried by lava discovers that you really can go home again. Here is the story of acclaimed poet and educator Frances H. Kakugawa, who recounts the lifelong lessons learned from growing up in a modern-day Pompeii.

Frances H. Kakugawa is an award-winning, internationally published author of fifteen books, and a regular column, “Dear Frances,” for caregivers in the Hawai‘i Herald. She conducts poetry readings, workshops and lectures throughout the country. In her sessions for adults, Kakugawa shares with honesty and openness the lessons learned from caregiving. Programs for hospital and elder-healthcare professionals focus on humanizing their clinical skills. In her children’s workshops, Frances introduces students to poetry as a way to explore and embrace their elders and other aspects of their lives.

Frances H. Kakugawa

Hardcover, 214 pp. 

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