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E Kamaʻilio Hawaiʻi Kakou: Let's Speak Hawaiian

Dorothy M. Kahananui, Alberta P. Anthony

Softcover, 431 pp.

Let’s Speak Hawaiian is a comprehensive Hawaiian language course intended for use at the secondary school and college levels. In this second edition the text continues to answer the need for new methods and materials in language instruction and presents extensive research on the Hawaiian language. It is composed almost entirely of material that has been tested in classroom situations; it employs the aural-oral method and emphasizes the development of conversational skills through dialogues and drills.

Hawaiian and English texts are on separate pages to aid in rendering the student’s first language inoperative. These methods, together with memorization and drill, will help the student more readily to achieve
fluency in Hawaiian, unhampered by English.

The text includes directed responses, questions and answers, short narratives, pattern practice, conversations, and material for practice in tenses, sentence expansion, and comparative forms. This new edition also offers more comprehensive illustrations and explanations of word usage and syntax, based on the most recent and most authoritative Hawaiian language definitions.

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