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Daughters of the Island: CHamoru Women Organizers of Guåhan and Other Writings, 40th Anniversary Edition

Written by Laura M. Torres Souder

Forward by Tina Taitano DeLisle


Through meticulous research and captivating storytelling, Laura M. Torres Souder paints a vivid portrait of the extraordinary CHamoru women who call Guåhan home. Daughters of the Island: CHamoru Women Organizers of Guåhan and Other Writings unveils a tapestry of CHamoru female strength, wisdom, and ingenuity that is as inspiring as it is enlightening,” according to editor Desiree Taimanglo Ventura.

This edition, lovingly revisited and enhanced for a new generation of CHamorus, presents an opportunity to delve deeper into the forgotten stories and untold narratives of remarkable women and reminds a new generation of readers that there is still work to be done

Whether you are an academic, a historian, a storyteller, or simply a passionate learner seeking a profound understanding of the inspiring women who forged a path on this island, Daughters is an essential addition to your library. Dive into the pages of this transformative reprint and discover the untold stories that have remained hidden for far too long.

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