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Dark Decade 1829-1839: Anti-Catholic Persecutions in Hawaiʻi

Emmett Cahill

Softcover, 144 pp.

In the summer of 1827, two Catholic priests arrived in Honolulu to establish their religion in the Hawaiian Islands. They soon stirred more interest than their makeshift church could hold.Yet they also found powerful adversaries. The Reverend Hiram Bingham, a Protestant missionary, had already gained influence over the Queen Regent, Kaʻahumanu, and the power of the Kuhina Nui was absolute. Alarmed at the priests success, the monarchy and the Protestant Mission together mounted a ten year campaign to deal once and for all with the deceitful and lying teachers of the Pope. Accused of idolatry, new Catholic converts were beaten and starved for their faith, and subjected to unspeakable humiliations. Even then, the faith of a few was stronger than the intolerant policies that strove to break it. Many would die, and nations intervene, before religious freedom was finally won.

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