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Cultural Kapolei

Shad S. Kāne

Paperback, 244 pp.

Series of articles written and posted in the Honolulu Advertiser blog site identified as Cultural Kapolei from December 2006 to April 2010. This book is the result of repeated requests to place all these articles in one place to serve as both a resource for the academic researcher and casual cultural reader. These articles and the effort to identify ancient place names of Kapolei grew out of the mission of the Kapolei Hawaiian Civic Club to give the new city of Kapolei a Hawaiian cultural presence. Much like many other new cities Kapolei is a place of migrants. Most everyone is from somewhere else. They bring with them their personal values that help them make decisions. These decisions can play a big part in shaping communities. Rather than changing or creating a new place with foreign names, perhaps the ancient names will give us an appreciation of its past. Hopefully this book will not only help city and state planners, developers, architects but also those who seek knowledge.

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