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Beyond the Game: Coaching for Peak Performance in Business, Sports, and Life

Rusty Komori

Softcover, 128 pp.

Beyond the Game builds on the lessons outlined by championship coach Rusty Komori in his first book, Beyond the Lines. In Beyond the Game, Komori provides a toolbox for those who aspire to lead successful teams. Coaches, he says, strive to improve themselves first, to provide a foundation for instilling greatness in others. Smart coaches pay attention to what Komori calls the Three Cs of LeadershipChoices, Communication and Cultureand apply the Six Keys for Peak Performanceareas of focus to achieve the most and excel in life. Komori offers advice in direct, straightforward terms and draws examples from his decades as a successful, championship-winning tennis coach. Whether you are coaching a scrappy, small business team of two or a hundreds-strong corporate sales force, Beyond the Game will help you hone in on the techniques to boost your A game.

Beyond the Game builds on the lessons outlined by championship coach Rusty Komori in his first book, Beyond the Lines. In Beyond the Game, Komori provides a toolbox for those who aspire to lead successful teams. Coaches, he says, strive to improve themselves first, to provide a foundation for instilling greatness in others. Smart coaches pay attention to what Komori calls the Three Cs of Leadership Choices, Communication and Culture and apply the Six Keys for Peak Performance areas of focus to achieve the most and excel in life. Komori offers advice in direct, straightforward terms and draws examples from his decades as a successful, championship-winning tennis coach. Whether you are coaching a scrappy, small business team of two or a hundreds-strong corporate sales force, Beyond the Game will help you hone in on the techniques to boost your A game.
Get this book! Coach Rusty inspires your heart, spirit, and mind to go beyond what you think youre capable of doing. His coaching is the next-gen level of developing a winning culture and peak performance! Dr. Wynn Okuda, Past President, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

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