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A Shape Shifting Adventure in Hawai‘i

Daniel Frates

Hardcover, 32 pp.

There once was a line just hanging around in a banyan tree in Hawai‘i. One day, bored with nothing to do, the line decided to explore the island. So she connected her two ends and became a circle.

As the circle rolled across the island, she changed shape while interacting with the outside world. It started when a pua‘a stepped on her and turned her into an oval. Over the course of her adventure, she gets dropped, pulled, and carried across the island, transforming into different shapes along the way.

Kids will enjoy following this little line as she explores the world, reacting to various outside elements—a hungry pueo, curious ‘ōhiki, and falling coconuts—that cause her to transform into different shapes.

Not only will kids relate to how sometimes the world feels out
of their control, but they’ll see how change can be navigated and adapted to—and they’ll have 
fun learning basic geometric shapes like the square, hexagon, octagon, and more!

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