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Saint Louis Man, A

Lance Tominaga

Hardcover, 121 pp.

Born to immigrant Chinese parents in 1930s rural Oahu, Raymond Wai Juck Tam grew up to become one of Hawaii’s leading citizens and one of America’s most highly regarded trial lawyers. Educated at Saint Louis School—where he firmly embraced the qualities of integrity, fidelity, humility and compassion—and later at the University of Notre Dame, Ray Tam realized early on the value of giving back: to his community, to his profession and to the greater world outside the Islands.

Written by biographer Lance Tominaga, A Saint Louis Man recounts Tam’s journey from country town to big-city courtrooms to the People’s Republic of China. Along the way, he guided a Hawai’i legal firm comprised of some of the biggest names in Island politics and law, dramatically raised the bar in personal injury litigation, and established the China Program, a celebrated international effort fostering genuine friendship between China and the United States.

Personally and professionally, Ray Tam has lived a life shaped by the motto of Saint Louis School: Memor et Fidelis, to be mindful of others and ever faithful to Christian values. A Saint Louis Man is his story.

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