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Da Good An Spesho Book

Softcover, 1716 pp.

Plenny peopo dat live in Hawaii like know bout Jesus. But fo find out who him fo real kine, befo time dey get only da English kine Bible fo read. Dat Bible use all kine hybolic language, not da kine lan-guage dat da regula peopo talk ery day. Dass why da translata guys wen make dis Bible for da local kine Pidgin language.

Get 29 local peopo dat talk Pidgin from small kid time dat translate um. Dey come from plenny diffren churches. From 1987 to 2020 some a dem work long time an oddas work short time. But all togedda dey make dis book fo da peopo dat talk Pidgin, fo erybody find out bout Jesus fo real kine.

Had peopo from da Wycliffe Bible Translata guys dat help fo make shua eryting mean da same ting, jalike wat Moses, David, Isaiah, Matthew, Paul and odda peopo wen write firs time in da Hebrew, Ara-maic, o Greek language, dat layta come da Bible. Da Wycliffe guys work togedda wit some a da pastor guys from da local churches, an wit odda peopo dat get seminary o spesho kine study. Da main translata guys talk Pidgin all da time, cuz dey know da bestes way fo say stuff fo all da local peopo undastan um.

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