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Pūʻolo Limu - Limu Bundle

In partnership with the University of Hawaiʻi Sea Grant and Kuaʻāina Ulu ʻAuamo (KUA), we are pleased to offer a pūʻolo limu or limu bundle. The pūʻolo limu includes one copy of The Limu Eater, one copy of Hawaiian Reef Plants, and one Hawaiian Seaweed Collection limu sticker & card. 

The Limu Eater

As we look forward, we hope that this reprint of “The Limu Eater” can be part of the living, evolving, and growing practice of limu hana in Hawaiʻi. We encourage non-Hawaiian speakers to research and explore the Hawaiian words used in this reprint and better understand the multiple meanings and interpretations of the Hawaiian words to form a deeper understanding of their significance. 

Hawaiian Reef Plants

Hawaiian Reef Plants is an easy-to-use yet comprehensive guide on nearly all species of marine plants present in Hawai‘i, accompanied by stunning photographs and illustrations. The book is valuable to experts and novices alike and is a must-read for everyone interested in marine plants and the complex ecosystems in which they live.

Hawaiian Seaweed Collection

After arriving in Hawaiʻi in 1970, Erika Wyrtki found a passion for Limu.
Her love for the delicate designs formed from each Limu inspired the collecting and pressing of different Limu varieties. Resulting in beautiful works of art seen in stickers, cards, and more!


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