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Ms. Aligned 2

Edited by Connie Pan and Pat Matsueda

Softcover, 126pp

The second in a series, MS. ALIGNED 2 is an anthology of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction in which women writers explore male thinking, behavior, and identity. Included are statements by the authors in which they discuss their reasons for writing about men. The foreword is by Jill McCabe Johnson, an award-winning poet. She writes that the MS. ALIGNED authors have “portrayed more nuanced representations of the masculine experience that begins with the archetypal and mythological, but troubles it, complicates it, causes us to challenge our own fundamental beliefs against a more complex and realistic array of expression. The challenge is not in being able to portray what is especially or particularly male. The challenge lies in portraying fully realized males, including those aspects of personality somehow deemed ‘feminine.’” The introduction is by Kristiana Kahakauwila, author of This is Paradise, published in 2013. 

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