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Mauna Kea: A Guide to Hawaiʻi’s Sacred Mountain

Rising 14,000 feet into the clear skies of the Big Island of Hawaii, Mauna Kea is a special place — a sacred mountain to be approached with reverence and respect. Beneath Mauna Kea's often snow-capped summit are historic Hawaiian sites, rare flora and fauna, spectacular vistas and, for astronomers, the best base on Earth for exploring the universe. Co-written by Mauna Kea Visitor Information Manager David A. Byrne, this comprehensive guidebook of the Onizuka Center for International Astronomy includes in-depth information and detailed maps on sacred sites, natural history, recreation, ecology, sightseeing and important technical data on the 13 world-class telescopes at the mountain's summit.

Leslie Lang, David A. Byrne

Softcover, 154 pp. 

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