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Inheritance: Reclaiming Land and Spirit (Poems by Adele Ne Jame)

Art by Melissa Chimera

 poetry is informed by her Lebanese heritage and more than four decades of living in Hawaii. Thoughtful and atmospheric, her writing is described by fellow poet Naomi Shihab Nye, as springing from "jagged landscapes linking hearts and cultures, the rich mix of Middle Eastern heritage transposed to Hawaii." Inheritance was published as broadsides and exhibited in the 2009 Sharjah, United Arab Emirates Biennial. 

About the author:

Adele Ne Jame completed her graduate degree at the University of Hawaii, Manoa in 1987 and currently teaches literature and poetry at Hawaii Pacific University. Ne Jame was born in New Jersey and has lived in Hawaii since 1969. Her latest new poetry collection, The South Wind (El Leon Literary Arts and Manoa Books, 2011) was inspired by her first trip to Beirut in 2009. These poems have an elegiac progression, and they confront issues of identity related to the Lebanese diaspora.

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