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Hula Sister: A Guide to Native Dance of Hawaiʻi

Nanette Kilohana Kaihawanawana Orman

Softcover, 136 pp.

Written for all persons who love hula, but especially for the new learner and those who grew up outside the Hawaiian culture or on the mainland, Hula Sister tells in exquisite detail the story of hula---its structure, its steps (with frame-by-frame illustrations), its soul, traditions, costuming, presentation in performance, history, and much more. Hula Sister tells its story with loving care through the voice of an authentic hula performer and scholar, with the colorful added voices of present and past hula masters enlivening the author s stories. This book helps the mind [of a dancer] to enter a world that may not be accessible another way, says one kumu after previewing the book. Aunty Nan provides an overview that includes etiquette, behavior, manners and protocol. This book is coming from her love of hula, to help the newcomer. Dancers and hula lovers will appreciate the extensive references, resources, chants and lyrics with translations included in the book, which will be a valuable addition to every hula library.

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