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Ancient Hawaiian Civilizations: Series of Lectures Delivered at The Kamehameha Schools, A

Ancient Hawaiian Civilization takes us back to Hawaii's " stone age," when there wasn't an alphabet, numbering system, or other civilized distinctions as we know them. Still rules of living, modes, and customs permitted large numbers of people to live healthfully and happily throughout the islands.

This fascinating history of Hawaii is " must" reading for anyone who has been, wants to go, or lives in America 's 50th State. This book authoritatively introduces the general reader to what was once a golden era of Hawaiian history and culture, the time when the islands were strictly Hawaiian Hawaii. Though the islands are almost completely westernized today, many facets from this golden age remain to make America's 50th State a " living laboratory" for the cultural and social study of racial migration and assimilation. This volume represents the knowledge and experience of no less than 16 scholars.

The combined areas of specialization by no less than 16 authors have been carefully selected and grouped to make up this volume. Together, the authors comprise a truly formidable forum of Hawaiian thought and learning. Ethnologists, geologists, zoologists, and medical doctors are but a few of the areas of specialization represented in these pages.

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