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Woman in the South Pacific, A

Sherée Lipton


Hardcover, 160 pp.

A young woman's passion for life in all its beauty and complexity led Sherée Lipton to remote South Pacific archipelagos at a time before these isles and atolls were compelled to yield their ancient traditions to the inexorable forces of outside influence. The adventures she shares offer a rare glimpse into a way of life that has nearly vanished in some of these still remarkable islands. Recent events and economic and political changes in nations such as Fiji and the Kingdom of Tonga have vastly impacted life and attitudes in the South Pacific making the memories related here all the more poignant. Sherée's tales are often cautionary, and sometimes exacted a toll in matters of health and danger, but they are always filled with candor, a wry wit and, admittedly, some Naïveté The characters encountered are real people and include heads of state, rogues, lovers, ex-cannibals, eccentric expatriates, and warm-hearted islanders who reached out to Sheree and welcomed her into their homes.

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