Hawaiʻi's Story by Hawaiʻi's Queen

Hawaiʻi's Story by Hawaiʻi's Queen



Possibly the most important work in Hawaiian literature, Hawaiʻi's Story by Hawaiʻi's Queen is a poignant plea from Queen Liliʻuokalani to restore her people's kingdom. Hawaii's Story is an account of those difficult years at the end of the nineteenth century, when native Hawaiian historian David Malo's 1837 prophecy concerning "the small ones" being "gobbled up" came true for the Hawaiian Islands.

When this book was first published in 1898, it was an international plea for justice. Just as Admiral Thomas had restored Hawaiian sovereignty in 1843 following an illegal action by Lord Paulet, Queen Liliʻuokalani prayed that the American nation would similarly reestablish the Hawaiian throne. Queen Liliʻuokalani died on November 11, 1917, her poignant plea for justice unanswered.

"If a big wave comes in large fishes will come from the dark ocean which you never saw before, and when they see the small fishes they will eat them up; such also is the case with large animals, they will prey on the smaller ones; the ships of the whitemen have come, and smart people have arrived from the Great Countries which you have never seen before, they know our people are few in number and living in a small country; they will eat us up, such has always been the case with large countries, the small ones have been gobbled up." - David Malo


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